CBN was a previous version of this website. It was a Rails app of my own invention, written because I wanted the blog to be on my own server, the login and comments features to be just so, my web development experience to be a bit more recent, and PHP to not even be installed.

I also made a previous attempt some years before in Python (CherryPy, SQLAlchemy, Genshi) but found Rails and its plugins to be, at the time, a much more complete and well-integrated toolkit that made the whole development process easier and quicker.

Features included OpenID/Facebook/Twitter login, a blog, comments (with threading and moderation), a project list, static pages and some microformat support. The name just stands for, the site for which it was written. Icons (except for other sites’ favicons) were from the famfamfam “Silk” set.

I retired the project in 2013 due to lack of time to maintain it. It was replaced with a Mezzanine instance, and then in 2021 with Hugo.