Hello, Hugo!

I’ve just migrated this site to Hugo, a static site generator.

This massively simplifies the hosting, and makes pages load a lot faster. You can read more at the link above, but the general idea is that I write pages in Markdown (a simple text-based format), and run a tool that converts them to HTML before upload. So the web server just has to serve HTML and other static files. No databases or stale exploitable scripts in sight. There is also, so far, no JavaScript being served, and all the icons are SVGs.

I’ve decided as part of this to close the comments section, because I wasn’t getting enough worthwhile conversation there in recent years. Feedback by other communication channels is still very welcome, and if anyone sends me some that I think needs a wider audience, I can of course add it to the relevant post. If it turns out I still want a comments section under this new regime, I could perhaps embed Disqus or similar (which costs money) or Facebook comments (which presumably require commenters to have Facebook accounts). So, no perfect options, but options.

Oh, and the name of my particular site/theme is Victor, because the state of my website now makes me significantly Less Miserable.