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Hello, world!

I'm a software engineer based in Oxford. I can usually be found writing code, dancing to gothy bleep, or performing in Lashings.

Looking for Puzzles?

Fun with ACPI

I have a new laptop! It's very shiny, it can run Strike Suit Zero, I'll finally be getting back on top of the Puzzles port… but there's a snag: it doesn't know its battery level. LP#1289748 has my progress, but so far it looks like the EC is coming up with zeros.

Curriculum vitae

I have 7 years' experience developing a product your web traffic has probably passed through today. I've now found an exciting new role in Oxford.


My collection of spare-time projects for Android and Linux, most popular of which is the Puzzles port to Android.

Contact details  
 GPG: 17B1CA7D64089528  
 IRC: chrisboyle on freenode  

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