Privacy policy v1.0, 2019-08-31

  • This policy covers the Android version of Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection, as ported by Chris Boyle. Several other ports and clones of this application exist on Google Play, which are not controlled by Chris Boyle. If in doubt, check the author on the Google Play listing.
  • The application does not contain advertising.
  • The state of each game and any preferences set within the application are stored on your device, and may be automatically backed up to your Google account and restored onto your future devices if your devices support this.
  • If the application crashes on your device, as with most Android applications, automated diagnostic information may be sent to Google and viewed by Chris Boyle in the Google Play Console.
  • With the exception of this diagnostic information and the feedback feature, no personal information is collected, stored or transmitted.

Feedback feature

  • When you tap “Send feedback”, your chosen email application will open with a draft email containing details of the game state, the application version, and the make, model and firmware version of your device. All of this information may be helpful to diagnose any problems that you report, but you are free to edit it or to decide not to send it.
  • Sending such an email, as with any email, will reveal your configured name, email address, and some details of the device, the email service, and the networks that the email travels through.
  • Any information received through the feedback emails will be used only for the purposes of diagnosing reported problems and improving future versions of the application.
  • Such information will be received initially by Chris Boyle, stored on Gmail, and non-personally-identifying portions may be made publicly available on the project’s issue tracker on Github, and/or forwarded to Simon Tatham and other upstream developers of the puzzles.
  • This policy applies only to the Puzzles application. Within the in-game Help, there are links to external websites which, if tapped, will be opened in your chosen web browser. These links are intended to provide context for where the games originated, but absolutely no assurances can be given about the content or privacy practices of such external websites.