GnuPG, 4096-bit keys and OpenPGP cards

10 years ago


I'm now the proud owner of a Crypto Stick, an OpenPGP smartcard implementation in USB stick form. It is apparently capable of generating and using 4096-bit keys, but GnuPG has a limit of 3072 bits (quick tests and git master show this is still the case). Fixing this doesn't sound that hard, from that message; I'll be taking a look at this when I get time and energy. Given my track record on getting time and energy to do such things, don't let that stop anyone else from working on it. :-)


Chris Boyle 9 years, 11 months ago

Done (mostly), see

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Chris Boyle 9 years, 6 months ago

It looks like last month Werner implemented this, and included it in gnupg 2.0.18. (I haven't tried it yet.);a=commit;h=fb44677c9f2cab6bac08d04d675554b38f64382a

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