What next?

Now that my various projects seem to be mostly behaving themselves, it’s time to decide what to write next. I’ve had a few requests and a few ideas, so here’s a rundown of possibilities.

  • Locale condition: ping. Let Locale ask “is that machine awake?” It could ping something in a private IP range, deduce that you’re at home and your PC is on, and stop notifying you about things you’re already likely to see on the PC. There seems to be a usable ping command in Android’s busybox, but for bonus points, allow a TCP ping, maybe check the banner on a service, to guard against collisions with private IPs in other places.
  • Locale action: K9 settings. It’s been done.
  • Locale action: ConnectBot. You can already configure a ConnectBot session to immediately run a command. Launching a remote shell script securely from Locale would add some nice flexibility: aggressive notification using PCs around the house, X10 home automation, garage doors… you could do this from ASE with an ssh client binary, but that’s a little harder to install, especially without root.
  • Locale condition: Timer. My timer, not yet formally released, could trigger the aforementioned aggressive notification if alarms have gone unanswered for half an hour. Update: Done.
  • Port this site to Rails 3. Update: eventually went for Mezzanine instead.
  • Puzzles improvements. Some ideas languishing in the bug tracker, including multiplayer.
  • Set up mpd (with neompc on an old Palm Treo) at home. Probably no new code needed, but included for completeness.

Most of these will probably happen eventually, but it’s always useful to know which ideas are useful to a wider audience, so feel free to comment or contact me if you’re keen to see one of these created, or if you can think of improvements or existing projects I ought to be aware of. I’ll also be writing up any interesting aspects of these projects as I implement them, and suggestions for posts of that kind that you’d like to see are also welcome.